Legislation 2024

These are the bills that I think are important to corrections this year, which have either passed or become law. Many of these bills indicate that someone is taking notice of some of the administrative practices of DOC.

SB24-003 – Colorado Bureau of Investigation Authority to Investigate Firearms Crimes
SB24-006 – Pretrial Diversion Programs
SB24-029 – Study Metrics to Measure Criminal Justice System Success
SB24-030 – Recidivism Definition Working Group
SB24-120 – Updates to the Crime Victim Compensation Act

HB24-1034 – Adult Competency to Stand Trial*
HB24-1054 – Jail Standards Commission Recommendations
HB24-1071 – Name Change to Conform with Gender Identity*
HB24-1072 – Protection of Victims of Sexual Offenses
HB24-1090 – Privacy Protections Criminal Justice Records
HB24-1093 – Peace Officer Provisional Certification Requirements
HB24-1103 – Prohibiting Term Excited Delirium
HB24-1133 – Criminal Record Sealing & Expungement Changes
HB24-1181 – Department of Corrections Supplemental
HB24-1228 – Corrections Officers Flexible Schedules
HB24-1241 – Alignment of Petty Property Crime Threshold
HB24-1286 – Equal Justice Fund Authority*
HB24-1348 – Secure Firearm Storage in a Vehicle
HB24-1355 – Measures to Reduce the Competency Wait List*
HB24-1372 – Regulating Law Enforcement Use of Prone Restraint
HB24-1385 – Department of Corrections Caseload Supplemental Appropriation Request Deadline
HB24-1386 – Broadband Infrastructure Cash Fund for Department of Corrections
HB24-1437 – Prohibit Flat Fees for Defending Indigent Clients*
HB24-1445 – Probation & Parole Reporting & Fee Conditions
HB24-1461 – Exemption for College Program Completion Earned Time
HB24-1462 – Third-Party Audit Department of Corrections