Legislation Watch 2023

2023 Legislation is in Session. Here are some bills to watch:

Department Of Corrections Earned Time For College Program Completion

Possession Of Weapon By Previous Offender Crimes

Due Process Asset Forfeiture Act

Participant Facilitated Recidivism Reduction Program*

Sunset Defense Counsel First Appearance Program

Cost Of Phone Calls For Persons In Custody

Motor Vehicle Theft And Unauthorized Use

Admissibility Standards For Juvenile Statements

Advisement During Custodial Interrogation

Alternate Defense Counsel Contracts

Clarifications To 48-hour Bond Hearing Requirement

Criminal Penalty Controlled Substance Supplier

Hearing Timelines Juveniles In Adult Facilities

Measures To Expand Postconviction DNA Testing

Penalty For Indecent Exposure In View Of Minors

Use Of Restrictive Practices In Prisons

Limit Arrest For Low-level Offenses