SB24-006 - Pretrial Diversion Programs

SB24-006 – Pretrial Diversion Programs
Effective Date: Was signed into law by the Governor and took effect March 22, 2024.

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The bill prohibits juvenile diversion programs from denying services based on an intellectual or developmental disability, a mental health or behavioral health issue, or a lack of mental capacity. If a juvenile cannot understand or participate in a diversion program due to behaviors or symptoms, programs must consider all available alternatives, including referral to the Department of Human Services (CDHS) or a collaborative management program (CMP). Behavioral health services and services for juveniles with developmental disability are added to the definition of “services” for the purpose of juvenile diversion programs.
Finally, the bill allows criminal defendants that raise competency issues, or are found incompetent to proceed, to enter a diversion program with district attorney and court approval.