Organizational Structure

It is helpful for families to understand the structure of the Colorado Department of Corrections in order to help their loved ones, when needed. Please keep in mind this could possibly change, the best up to date information is found on the DOC website. Please check there as well. 

When you need help, start at the lower point on the structure. Many times, if you start with the warden, they are willing to help. 

As a general rule, the emails are [email protected]. However, some rare occasions, some do not go by their name and their email can be different. 

Each prison has a warden and an associate warden. Each prison is different on who to contact. When you do email the warden, you will likely get to the right person if they are not the right person. They may forward your email without a word to you.

Each warden has a boss, this is the Deputy Director of Prisons. They are broken up into two groups. Above the two Deputy Directors, is a Director of Prisons. Above them is the Deputy Executive Director. And above them is the Executive Director. It is important to stick to their chain of commands. I know and understand, it might take longer, but if you start with the warden/associate warden, you might get better results, especially if you need to bring it higher.

Here is that structure (Starting from the top, remember, work from the bottom up):

Organizational Structure on CDOC’s website

Executive Director
Moses “Andre” Stancil

      Executive Assistant | Constituent Services Supervisor
Gina Weingardt

        Constituent Services Coordinator
Lisa Wiley

Public Information Officer
Annie Skinner
Legislative Liaison (Interim)
Adrienne Sanchez
Deputy Executive Director Community Operations (Interim)
Merideth McGrath
Deputy Executive Director Prison Operations (Interim)
Matt Hansen
Inspector General [Interim)
Scott Smith

    Parole Director
Merideth McGrath
Strategy & Innovation Specailist
Amber Pedersen
Prisons (Interim)
Melissa Smith
Deputy Inspector General
Scott Smith
    Parole Deputy Director (Interim)
Jeff Long
  Deputy Director
Steve Owens
Deputy Director(Interim)
Scott Dauffenbach
        BVCC Warden
Jason Lengerich
AVCF Warden
Mark Fairbairn
        CSP Warden
Stephanie Sandoval
CCF Warden
Matt Winden
        CTCF/Beacon Warden
Eddie Caley
CMC Warden
Richard Persons
        Denver Complex Warden
Ryan Long
DCC/RCC Warden
Patrick Fhuere
        FCF Warden
Siobhan Burtlow
Thomas Little
        LCF Warden
Terry Jacques
SCF Warden (Interim)
Terry Jaques
        Offender Services Assistant Director
Scott Dauffenbach
Correctional Training Academy Assistant Director
Jennifer Hansen
          Prison Programs Assistant Director
Leigh Burrows