Introduction to ARs

AR is Administrative Regulations. In CDOC, they have a couple of other names; Policies, Executive Directives, and rules. These are policies that not only are to be followed by the incarcerated individuals and their loved ones, but the staff must follow them too. 

Understanding ARs is important if you are looking to help your loved one in most situations. It is helpful to have a leg to stand on if the facility or the staff is doing something that they should not be doing. 

You can find the CDOC ARs on their website by clicking the link below:

ARs are broken into categories and sometimes, they are in a strange place and hard to find. There is an Index linked on the CDOC website. When searching for an AR, this index can be very helpful. If there is a certain topic you are trying to find, you can press “CTRL” and “F” on the computer keyboard, or if you are on an Android, there is an icon that looks like a paper with a magnifying glass on it. Then you would search the term that you are looking for. Once you find the AR number, you will then need to find it under the correct topic and subtopic. 

On the index, there are some important things to also watch for. There is the effective date and the annual review month. Be sure to keep these in mind if a particular AR is referenced by you or your loved one often. 

ARs are listed sort of in the same way that Statute is. It has the main topic and then has different topics under that. The CDOC website allows you to expand the main topic to see the subtopics under it.